Outpatient Relapse Prevention is Now Available at The Delray Center for Healing

Relapse prevention, sometimes referred to as RP, is a cognitive-behavioral approach where the goal is to identify and prevent high-risk situations such as substance abuse and depression.  With relapse seen as both an outcome and as a transgression in the process of behavior change, it’s important for those who choose an outpatient program in South Florida to make sure the treatment center they choose offers relapse prevention.  The good news is, outpatient relapse prevention is now available at the Delray Center for Healing.

It is thought that relapse is multi-determine, especially by self-efficacy, outcome expectancies, craving, motivation, coping, emotional states and interpersonal factors.  In particular, self-efficacy, negative outcome expectancies, potent availability of coping skills following treatment, positive affect and functional social support are supposed to predict positive outcome.  Historically speaking, cravings have not been shown to serve as a strong predictor.

Many substance abuse professionals agree that a strong relapse prevention education program is a crucial component of substance abuse treatment and is one of the biggest reasons why outpatient relapse prevention is now available at The Delray Center for Healing.

For anyone recently out of a drug treatment program and newly sober, having and following a relapse prevention plan is best.  The following are just a few tips to follow when doing so:

  • Avoid situations where temptation can arise: both emotional and physical, try to avoid being around people who will force you to dwell more on the times when you were using drugs and/or alcohol.
  • Do not bottle your feelings inside: instead of keeping things to yourself, try to get in the habit of expressing yourself as much as possible, especially when something is really bothering you.
  • Find constructive ways to spend your free time: keeping yourself occupied in a positive way helps cultivate constructive hobbies.

The fact that outpatient relapse prevention is now available at The Delray Center for Healing should not be overlooked.  Offering both outpatient and intensive outpatient treatment options, there is no reason not to get sober.

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