Eight Ways Your Life Will Be Better Without Drugs

quitting drugs with addiction recovery treatment and drug detox

Most people are aware that quitting drugs is probably the best thing that can be done for the mind body and soul.  Continued abusive drug use can cause a whole series of physical and mental health problems as well as effect friend, family, work, and school relationships.

Patients of substance abuse programs are encouraged to be proactive in their recoveries.  Recovery is most effective when patients actually want to be there and make a commitment to becoming permanently clean and sober.

To give patients a little bit of incentive, lists have been circulating about how their lives will be better once they have kicked their habits and returned to a more stable life.  Here are some of the benefits of quitting drugs that recovering addicts can look forward to after completing substance abuse programs.

1. No more paranoia – Once a drug habit has been kept at bay for a while, people quitting drugs will not be experiencing the paranoia that comes along with certain drugs. They will also not need to worry about being found out by family, friends, or law enforcement as they will not be doing anything that requires being found out.

2.  Having an increase in energy – Once drugs are out of a client’s system and the withdrawal period is over, the body will resume mostly normal function.  This means that clients will not need to sleep as much and can spend that time working on improving themselves.  This increase in energy will also be a motivator for clients to go and do other things like exercise that they would not have done before.

3.  Better equipped to deal with mood changes – During treatment programs, clients are given tools from their counselors or therapists to deal with changing moods without turning to drugs or alcohol.  This training teaches clients to deal with difficult trigger situations and become used to frequently fluctuating emotional responses.

4.  Improved communication – Once drug or alcohol detox is complete, many clients find that they can better communicate.  This means that clients are able to start rebuilding relationships that were broken during substance abuse as well as communicate with therapists and other clients to share the story of their addiction.

5.  Clarity of thought – This is one of the reasons why communication is easier.  Once the mind has cleared a bit, clients can begin to explore the real root of their problems and start to heal and move on.  This clarity also allows clients to be able to focus more on their own treatments and their own lives without being so easily distracted.

6.  Better overall health – Chronic drug and alcohol abuse wears down both the mind and the body.  Because these substances are essentially toxic, the body tries hard to flush them out.  But since so many toxins are coming at once over a long period of time, the body is not able to be rid of all of them.  This backup causes many health problems from tooth decay and post nasal drip to heart and kidney failure.  After detox, the body can begin to attempt normalcy.  Because of the restoring balance, clients generally feel better and experience less overall illness.

7.  Becoming more reliable – Drug and alcohol abuse can make people unreliable and irresponsible.  Instead of being responsible to other people, drug abusers are often more responsible to their drug of choice.  Rebuilding relationships starts with being able to be depended upon.  Clients will be able to work harder after detox to prove their reliability.

8.  Having more money – If clients are not spending their money and other people’s money on drugs, they have money to do regular things like pay rent and bills and buy food.  Having more money leads to more independence and an improved sense of self.  They may also be able to get and keep work which will improve their financial standing even more.

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