Five Xanax Addiction Treatment Options

When you decide to seek Xanax addiction treatment, there are a number of different recovery service options for you to take into consideration.  The most popular service options are Comprehensive Assessment, Detox, Rehab, Sober Living, and Aftercare.  It is up to you to get as informed as possible and to decide which services are the most important to you when you are making your recovery treatment decisions.

Xanax is the brand name for alprazolam which is commonly used for the treatment of several different kinds of anxiety disorders.  Its function is to change the way that the gamma-aminobutyric acid receptor interacts with the chemicals in the brain.  When not used correctly, Xanax can be highly addictive.  An addiction to Xanax can be a difficult thing to overcome.  You may not hear as much about it as you hear about other prescription medication addictions like oxycodone, but it can be just as dangerous.  As a regular user develops a tolerance for Xanax, he or she might simply start taking more to achieve the desired result.

Comprehensive Assessment

A comprehensive assessment is just like what it sounds like.  It is a comprehensive assessment for you, your health, and your needs.  Trained staff will talk to you right away when you start your program.  You are likely to receive a complete physical during which you should be prepared to give a complete medical history and a complete drug use history.  You may also receive a psychiatric evaluation so that your team can determine if you have any co-occurring disorders that may need to be looked in to in addition to your Xanax addiction.  Be sure to ask about a psychiatric evaluation if you know that there are other issues to deal with besides your addiction.  These things will all make it easier for your medical teams to be able to decide which treatments are going to be the most effective for you.


If you are receiving treatment for a Xanax addiction, you will most definitely have to do some kind of detox.  Even if your team has determined that tapering off Xanax is the right decision for you, you are going to be experiencing some withdrawal symptoms.  Detox is the first step down the recovery road.  It is best to have medical professionals monitoring you while you detox.  They will know what to look for in the symptoms you are experiencing.  Most withdrawal symptoms are not life threatening, but it is a good idea to have a team of people who know what is normal and what is not watching out for you.

Recovery Treatment

After detox, it is a good move to continue on to formal rehab in order to get the most from your treatment.  The main component of continued rehab treatment is psychological counseling.  Xanax addiction may come with some underlying traumas or conditions.  In therapy, you will address any issues, cravings, and mental dependence.  You and your therapist will come up with tips and tricks for dealing with craving triggers and make plans for relapse prevention.  Your therapist will help you make great strides on all fronts before you make your return to the regular world.

Sober Living

After you complete your formal rehab requirements, you may be ready to return to your regular life.  It may be difficult, but it is possible.  If you are not ready or you and your medical team feel that there is more work for you to do, you could go on to sober living.  Most sober living programs are residential so that you can live in a safe environment that will provide you with the support and guidance you require.  In a sober living situation, you will be surrounded by others who have similar backgrounds and you will be able to gather support from them as well as your counselors and your chosen continued treatments.  In sober living, you can transition back into the rest of the world at your own pace.


Whether you choose sober living or not, aftercare is always an important option.  Aftercare can include public group meetings, continued therapy sessions, and plans for anything you can do to continue down the recovery road.  Aftercare efforts help you stay focused on keeping yourself clean and sober and getting and support you may need if you are tempted to step back Xanax abuse.

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