Our Philosophy

A Safe and Comfortable Detox Experience

Our philosophy at The Delray Center is to provide a safe and comfortable detox that is at the same time both affordable and convenient. We understand that dealing with chemical dependency is difficult enough, without having major disruptions in order to get treatment. Outpatient detox and treatment allows clients to retain the productive parts of their lives while learning the skills necessary to conquer their addiction.

Family therapy at My Drug Detox | Holistic treatment philosophy at The Phoenix Program of The Delray Center for Healing

Integrated Detox and Treatment Model.

Our outpatient detox program is based on a truly integrative detoxification and treatment model. We believe that each client suffering from addiction is unique, so no single approach will be effective for all. Our treatment philosophy  is to consider all aspects of the individual’s medical and personal history. We offer a variety of treatments that include the latest evidenced-based medicines, as well as a number of holistic services including mindfulness, meditation, massage therapy, acupuncture, and much more.

“Sobriety is a life skill that is rooted in self-awareness. It is far more difficult than just “don’t pick up.” Facing difficulties, while maintaining awareness is the foundation for building mastery and self-esteem. Staying sober without these is like trying to stay afloat on an anchor. With each day that one faces life challenges with courage, another board is set in place for building the boat that will soon sail safely in the sea of life.”

 — Dr. Patty Shutt, Clinical Director

Success in recovery depends on the quality of people at your side. The collective ability, experience and credentials of our outpatient treatment team surpass that of any other facility. Our team of professionals includes PhD’s, medical doctors, and highly qualified, licensed therapist and clinicians. All of them are dedicated to the health and welfare of each client. We constantly strive for professional excellence so that every client may realize lasting success.

Our programs offer a “12-step optional” approach concentrated on behavioral therapy that can either complement or replace the 12-step component.