Outpatient Suboxone Detox and Treatment

The FDA approval of Subutex and Suboxone for the treatment of opiate dependence has dramatically changed addiction treatment.  These medications, which are classified as partial opiate agonists/ antagonists, will dramatically suppress opiate withdrawal symptoms without creating the same intoxication created by a regular opiate.  Subutex and Suboxone can be used both for opiate detox and for relapse prevention maintenance treatment.

Suboxone is the medication primarily used for maintenance.  Suboxone maintenance, in an appropriate patient who is also involved in other non-medical forms of addiction treatment, has extraordinarily high success rates in helping patients achieve long term sobriety.  In patients with a history of multiple failed detox attempts and very little time sober, Suboxone maintenance may be a good option for them to try.  Subutex is rarely used for maintenance, unless the patient has certain medical conditions that would require the use of Subutex over Suboxone.  Contrary to certain extreme viewpoints, individuals on Suboxone maintenance are considered clean and sober, so long as they have continued to abstain from all illicit drugs and alcohol.  In patients that also have major chronic pain problems, Suboxone is a much better option than any conventional opiate for the treatment of the pain.