Dr. Raul J Rodriguez, DABPN, DABAM, MRO

Medical Director

Dr. Rodriguez is renowned for helping people conquer a variety of conditions including anxiety, mood disorders, eating disorders, and substance addictions. Early on in his career, he identified serious defects in the many treatment programs his clients had attended. He responded by developing a completely innovative approach to the treatment of addiction that incorporates the personal attention of inpatient treatment into the convenience and effectiveness of an outpatient program. Over the past decade Dr. Rodriguez has become a respected authority in the treatment of substance and behavioral addictions, helping hundreds of families and saving thousands of lives.

Dr. Rodriguez’s professional accomplishments are fueled by his tireless drive to raise the standards of mental health care. He was a Magna Cum Laude scholar at Florida International University and then served as Chief Resident at University of Miami-Jackson Memorial Hospital. With degrees in both medicine and chemistry, Dr. Rodriguez fully understands the complex interaction between substance abuse, treatment medications and the delicate biochemical balance of the human body.

Beyond the detoxification process, Dr. Rodriguez recognizes the importance of addressing the overall health needs of each client – physical, mental and emotional – in order to achieve long-term success. The commitment to comprehensive wellness is fundamental in his approach to helping every client. Dr. Rodriguez continually seeks out and evaluates the latest research in medical science, offering his clients the most advanced and effective medicines and treatment methods available for safe and comfortable detox.


  • M.D. from the University of South Florida College of Medicine
  • B.A. (Chemistry) from Florida International University (Magna Cum Laude)
  • Adult Psychiatry Residency Program – University of Miami (Chief Resident)
  • Associations & Certifications:
  • American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology (Diplomate)
  • American Board of Addiction Medicine (Diplomate)
  • American Society of Addiction Medicine Certified
  • Suboxone Maintenance Certified
  • Medical Review Officer
  • American Psychiatric Association (Member)
  • Florida Psychiatric Society (Member)
  • Committee of Interns and Residents (Member)
  • Diocese of Palm Beach Substance Abuse Ministry (Member)
  • American Society of Addiction Medicine (Member)
  • Florida Society of Addiction Medicine (Member)
  • Board of Directors, Mental Health Association of Palm Beach (formerly)

Dr. Rodriguez’s distinguished reputation, dedication to quality healthcare and limitless energy have drawn the most talented professionals to his treatment team. He collaborates with a multi-disciplinary array of specialists to provide each client with an individualized plan for sustained mental wellness.