I was addicted to oxycontin and came to see Dr. Rodriguez to get off and resume normal life. I have been able to do that and some. My best experience is being able to talk to someone when stuff in life is not going well. The Center has helped me get off drugs and stay off drugs.

Bryan Z

Wellington, FL

My expectations for my first visit were really mixed & after my visit I was very skeptical, but after a few months it has really enhanced my total recovery. This has been done by renewing my love for meetings and in turn helping me practice new behaviors in all aspects of my life. I feel a lot more plugged in. My best experiences are the Groups, especially Beginning Recovery & all the other the Anni Johnston leads. She is excellent. My appointments with Jennifer Bilot, Groups led by Dr. May, and group led by Clara Bossie are excellent. I would absolutely recommend the Center.

Patrick T.

Lighthouse Point, FL